The Board of the Friends for East Cobb Park

Our mission

To create, enhance, expand and continue to develop East Cobb Park as a community asset, which heightens the sense of connectedness in East Cobb, preserves green space, and provides a safe and beautiful place for children of all ages to gather, learn and play.

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Past Friends for the East Cobb Park Presidents

Jan Sherman (2021-2022)

Lee O’Neal (2018-2021)

Amy V. Phillips (2017-2018)

Sandy Woltering (2016-2017)

Jodie Braner (2015-2016)

Amber Harris (2014-2015)

Sharon Mason (2012-2013)

Mike Voegtle (2010-2012)

Kenneth Wood (2009-2010)

David London (2008-2009)

Heidi Morris (2007-2008)

Tom McCleskey (2006-2007)

Craig Morris (2005 & 2006)

Woody Snell (2004-2005)

Tom Bills (2003-2004)

Kim Paris (2001-2003)

Sunny Walker (2000-2001)

Mary Karras (1998-2000)